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Coronavirus: Preventive Actions at Our Restaurants

With the contactless option, you’ll be able to make your order without greeting your delivery driver. Instead, you can send them digital messages like “leave at the door” or “leave in lobby” via delivery apps.

These options are available on:

UberEats, GrubHub, Postmates, Doordash, Toast, and YOU’LL FIND US THERE!

Also, we are using contactless tactics to deliver our food when you order takeout at our locations. 


Our entire team is well informed and committed to complying with our preventive rules against the Coronavirus

They’re constantly washing their hands before and after coming into contact with anything

They all use gloves to prepare the food we serve our clients

We’re delivering our straws completely closed 

We’re not opening soda cans to avoid touching areas that might come into contact with the client’s mouth

We wash all our implements at boiling point, this helps keep our utensils sterilized, clean, and hygienic

If employees have had symptoms of any illness, we ask them to stay at home, even if their symptoms do not mirror the known coronavirus symptoms. 


In the kitchen, we use constant ventilation systems.

Our waiters place the order, wipes, and napkins in a bag.

We seal all bags with security seals to ensure that no one touches your order after leaving the kitchen.   

According to the OMS, COVID-19 is not transmitted through food and it is safe to receive packages.

We only work with Delivery platforms that implement reinforced hygiene measures.

Official information will help you prevent

C’mon, make a safe order now with us! 

Bocas House: A Mesmerizing Fusion of Latin American Cuisines in Miami

Bocas House is here to stay in your hearts and awaken your senses. Our dream came to life in November 2016. Since then, we have been working on our gastronomic trademark: flavors made from scratch that create a unique experience. 

Inspired by Florida’s cultural diversity, we ventured into offering a fusion of Latin American cuisines that unexpectedly became a standard among Hispanics in Doral and Weston. 

The first Bocas House opened its doors in Doral in April 2016, and since then we’ve been continuously creating flavors that awaken the senses. Our mission has always been to please those who visit us with a philosophy of comfort food, great service, and exquisite dishes and desserts.  

Our gastronomic proposal embraces the fusion of Latin American cuisine and takes it to a whole new level. With more than 50 dishes on our menu – featuring USDA Prime Beef, specials during the week, Ladies Night, Happy Hour, and even healthy, low-carb options – we’re the place where you can feel at home while enjoying a superior culinary experience. 

If you’ve visited these cities and you’re a dessert lover, then you surely know about the Milkshakes at Bocas House. We’re famous for our crazy milkshakes, which are generous in chocolate, ice cream, and taste. Hardly anyone misses the chance to take a picture of our Milkshakes before taking the first bite.

Without realizing it, our Milkshakes made us pioneers among restaurants in Miami by establishing a new style of serving Milkshakes. This led to being ranked among the top places to eat in Miami by media outlets and local foodies. 

DORAL,10200 NW 25TH ST # 101, FL 33172.

One year later, under the same concept but with a menu focused on healthy homemade flavors, we opened Bocas House Weston to offer a new family environment. If you like eating outdoors, our terrace is ideal for a great time and it’s also a pet-friendly space; so if there’s a furry family member, he/she can also tag along. 


In 2018, we won Miami Herald’s Munch Madness after competing against 64 local restaurants. These achievements motivate us to continue our firm commitment to constant innovation, looking for textures, flavors, and combinations that result in a diverse menu and new gastronomic experiences… 

At Bocas House, we want to make you feel at home – we’ll be waiting for you!

Follow us on social media @bocas_house and stay up to date with all the new things we have coming your way.