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Coronavirus: Preventive Actions at Our Restaurants

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), at Bocas Group, we’re taking all necessary precautions to avoid contagion and keep our spaces safe for our visitors.

Coronavirus prevention at Bocas Group:

  • We keep a clean and hygienic environment
  • Our entire team is well informed and committed to complying with our preventive rules against the Coronavirus
  • They’re constantly washing their hands before and after coming into contact with anything
  • They all use gloves to prepare the food we serve our clients
  • We’re delivering our straws completely closed 
  • We’re not opening soda cans to avoid touching areas that might come into contact with the client’s mouth
  • We wash all our implements at boiling point, this helps keep our utensils sterilized, clean, and hygienic

Finally, if employees have had symptoms of any illness, we ask them to stay at home, even if their symptoms do not mirror the known coronavirus symptoms.

Practical tips for Coronavirus prevention: 

  • Wash your hands constantly, don’t touch your face, sneeze and cough responsibly
  • Don’t share drinks, straws, cutlery, or any of your personal items with anyone, not even family
  • Rather than coming into close contact, try staying at a distance
  • Avoid kissing acquaintances, friends, and family
  • If you have any symptoms: Stay at home, call your physician and take the steps provided by the World Health Organization

Official information will help you prevent. On our side, we guarantee to be prepared to receive you at all our restaurants.

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